Julio T. Barreiro (PI)
barreiro at ucsd dot edu
Office: 4531 Mayer Hall Addition, +1 (858) 246 0108
CV (pdf, updated 8/15)  ·  Publications
Graduate students
Paul Lauria
Office: 4516 Mayer Hall
Projects: All. Every single one.
Undergraduate students
Raghav Kansal
Since: Summer 2017
Projects: 0.8-NA objective characterization, dipole trap scanning, redpitaya intensity stabilization, DMD programming/testing
einstein_patentclerk You!
Email me at barreiro at ucsd dot edu
Interested? Please consider the Dine\Coffee With a Prof Program
Undergraduate students must commit to the lab a minimum of 8 hours per week during non-summer quarters (must sign up for PHYS199) and 40 hours per week during the summer. Preferably, start in the summer and sign up for an Honors Thesis for the following academic year.


Darius Choksy G, dipole trap setup
Ashley Gerlek UG, beaglebone black
Ashley Warner UG, beaglebone black
Chen Wu UG, beaglebone black, laser shutters, photodiode
Fangjie Zhou UG, beaglebone black, laser shutters, photodiode
Dominique Meyer UG, beaglebone black, arduino, bitter coils
Jonathan Hernandez UG, beaglebone black, FPGA programming, magnetic field coils
Connor Frankston UG, beaglebone black
Kangbo Hao G, atomic polarizability calculations, photodiode pcb
Drew Nguyen UG, Power supplies assembly, digital buff assembly, water sensor
Hans Singh UG, Lab T/H monitor, pointing stability, fiber splitter
Kyle Lewis UG, DDS programming
Brittney Vierra UG, BBB-DDS pcb design and assembling pcbs
Neil Sapra UG
Nikhil Mathur UG
Yuhui Jin     UG
Andres Padilla     Undergraduate student (UG)
Peter Kissin     G
Nick Rogers     Graduate student (G)

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