The New Labs


Temperature +/- 0.1 F at sensors
+/- 0.5 F across the lab at optical table height
+/- 0.1 F inside optical table enclosures
(all CFD verified with model heatloads)
Humidity +/- 5 % RH
Cooling 60+ kW (air + water)
Air quality ISO 7 cleanroom
Acoustic (63 Hz – 8 kHz) NC-30
EM/RF (near DC – 10 kHz) <<1mG pk to pk
Vibrations, floor VC-E

The new labs will feature a displacement system where laminar diffusers cover the walls and provide a slow massive flow of temperature and humidity stabilized air (+/- 0.1 F, +/- 5% RH). Each table will also be covered by laminar flow difussers with air of the same specs. This ultrastable conditions guarantee minimal downtime due to drift in optics, optomechanics and lasers, which is a common problem in state-of-the-art experiments with ultracold atoms in engineered optical potentials. In addition, the EMI/RF specs of the labs guaranteed much less than 1mG peak-to-peak fluctuations, which will help in achieving a few orders of magnitude lower fluctuations at the atoms location.

The airflow and temperature stability across the room including heat loads has been modeled using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) by Fluid Dynamics Solutions Inc. Based on this model several improvements will be implemented 😉

Current lab specs:

Temperature +/- 0.2 F average, measured at return, several F across room, occasional spikes lasting up to a few hours
+/- 0.1 F at laminar flow diffusers (independent units)
Humidity 10 % RH pk to pk continuously oscillating every 5 min. due to cyclic operation of dehumidifier, drifts of 10 % RH
Cooling 30+ kW (air + water)
Air quality HEPA filter after fan coil
Acoustic 65 dBA
EM/RF (near DC – 10 kHz) 5 mG pk to pk
Vibrations, floor 500 μm/s

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